Kelvin Hall - 130916-80

Kelvin Hall - 130916-80

Kelvin Hall - Prospectus Photoshoot -13th September 2016-50

Kelvin Hall - Prospectus Photoshoot -13th September 2016-50

The Northern Cooperative Teaching Alliance (NCTA) offers and utilises support across primary, secondary and 6th form phases across Hull and East Riding.

The teaching school is based out of Kelvin Hall school in Hull. Kelvin Hall is part of the Yorkshire and Humber Collaborative Learning Trust, which consists of 6 primary and 2 secondary schools across at current.

Vision statement:



Collaboration is the key.

We are committed to working across all phases and contexts to build supportive, effective and efficient professional partnerships that utilise talented system leaders to drive school improvement.


Teacher training and
retention are a priority.

We are unwavering in our pledge to deliver high quality training programmes for the new generation of teachers and facilitate the leadership capacity within our own school communities.


A value for money,

self-improving and sustainable system of school improvement that is cooperative and shares a moral purpose, is our offer.

No school, left behind.

We are dedicated to improving the life chances of all young people through exceptional and focussed CPLD.