School Experience

The NCTA can offer experience in a range of learning environments where you can observe highly skilled teachers and gain a wealth of experience of real classroom life. This experience can be in primary, secondary or post-16.


We welcome post-16 students who are interested in a career in teaching and would like some experience before attending University.


We want you to experience what it is like to be involved with one of our high quality and strong institutions within The Teaching School Alliance. You can also become entirely immersed in teaching within your own subject area of interest. We design bespoke timetables that will allow you to encounter a placement to suit your needs and areas of interest.


The NCTA and its Partners are proud of the engaging and bespoke School Experience we can offer. We can also tailor the length of the experience to suit you. If you intend to apply for a School Director SCITT, we advise five days secondary experience for secondary and post 16 applicants and ten days for primary applicants.


A 'typical' placement may involve the following:

  • Observations of lessons. These can be in your area of interest or more general. You will gain an understanding of what excellent teaching and learning looks like and an opportunity to discuss the mechanisms in place to ensure this standard of practice is sustained.

  • Opportunities to discuss and reflect on behaviour management strategies and how they are used in a variety of way by different teachers to ensure excellent behaviour for learning.

  • The chance to see how a school functions on a daily basis, engage with students of all ages & backgrounds and talk to the people who do it day-in-day-out.


We don’t just want you to sit at the back of the classroom though! The benefit of being involved in this experience is to allow you to reflect on the teaching, learning, relationships and ethos that you encounter and use this to better your own understanding of what the career entails.



If you are interested in undertaking school experience in any of the three sectors, please contact Laura Lockwood: